I help the millennial husband and dad forge his own sure-fire financial strategy through an online training program.
Framework of Financial Wellness
Financial maturity
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Expert Advice
Learn what you need to know (and what you don't) about the financial concepts that actually apply to your life, all via online video. Ask Elon, Tiger, or Timberlake, and they'll all tell you the same thing: it's about being brilliant on the basics.
Knowledge is power, but without proper context, it's inoperative. Being one call or e-mail away from CFP Professionals, tax professionals, attorneys, and other licensed and registered specialists will allow you to tailor fit what you learn to your unique situation.
Dale Carnegie said, “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage." You'll be outfitted with tools and platforms that'll help you enact and maintain your plan, and propel you toward financial independence.
My Story
When I became a husband, I knew that I was choosing a whole new level of responsibility. And I was thrilled about it. 

Then we had kids. 

I quickly realized I had no clue just how much responsibility I was accepting. Just like that, I had quite a few chits on the table.  I wanted to learn how to ensure that my growing family was taken care of and that I'd be able to make manifest the life we envisioned.  I needed help.

But when I went looking for it, all I found was noise - apps, articles, blogs, books, courses, podcasts, talk radio, TV...  Too many sources, too many conflicting opinions.  So I decided to pursue the answers myself.

It wasn’t easy, but I became a fully-licensed professional advisor.  I sat at the feet of some of the top advisors in the nation.  I achieved clarity on these things.
Since then, I’ve been designing a program that doesn't just deliver the information, but shows you how to implement, step-by-step, in a way you haven't seen before (and without you having to change your career).

Money Modernized is an online training program that gives you a working understanding of essential financial concepts and lays out the step-by-step process of achieving holistic financial maturity.

If you’ve recently entered a new reality, like I did, I can help you put a strong foundation in place, feel confident in your plan, manage your progress, and care for your family the way I know you want to.

Join the men who’re stepping up to the plate, and let's make money a non-issue for you.

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